Patio Farewell Week From Terry Weber

Hi Joey, 

For the last two weeks, the owners of the Patio Restaurant–John and Irene Burke, have bid farewell to their restaurant and to their many friends, family members, and ‘regulars’ at the Patio. The Burkes recently sold the Patio after over 30 years in business on Lexington Avenue in Magnolia. Click on this link for just a few snapshots of one of their farewell parties. 

image (Preview)

The Patio has been described by many as a “home away from home, an extension of one’s own living room, a clubhouse” and more. This is due to the warm hearts and hospitality of John and Irene, their family members: Margo and Chris Rezza, Melissa and James Rezza, and long time friends and co-workers: Kathy Mackin, Lori Somers, Dave Morley, Charlene Young, and Lopes. 

Thank you to John and Irene Burke, and their family, who have made the Patio a second home to many Magnolia & Gloucester residents. Even though “we’ll see you around the neighborhood”, we’ll miss seeing you on a regular basis as you enjoy some long overdue relaxation. The neighborhood won’t be the same without the Patio. 

If any of the readers of GMG have a fond memory of the Patio, and would like to see it published in a possible memory book or other publication, please email your story to You may also email photos. Please send your stories before November 1.


  • Wow…the last few weeks have been a whirlwind…”Finny” and Irene made every visit special…Margo’s presentation of great specials, while maintaining classics like Shrimp Rockerfeller will be missed…and Chris’ mastery of Mixology was very special…Laurie and other staff members made you feel like family…I don’t believe that I will easily find a substitute…not seeing Dick and Lisa, and some of the other regulars will feel strange…knowing that Peggy was taken there by her son Mark, until she went to her reward was special…knowing that Lindsay took Anna there, because Anna liked it made the place that much more special…Yeah, it was SPECIAL and I don’t mind saying it over and over…


  • A tribute


  • Thank you to Finney, Irene and family for decades of food, fun and memories at the Patio. We love you!


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