Now did I get this right or did I get this right? People who buy Apple products aren’t looking for the cheap version, they’re looking for the best version available.

Posted by Joe Rossignol at 9:37 am

Apple Cites ‘Incredible’ Launch Day Demand for iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S FrontIt appears that Apple is having yet another successful iPhone launch day, with the all-new gold iPhone 5s facing the biggest constraints thus far.

“Demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and we are currently sold out or have limited supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores,” an Apple representative told AllThingsD.

Estimated shipping dates for most iPhone 5s models have been pushed back to at least 7 – 10 days worldwide, with certain models not shipping until October. On the contrary, there remains more widespread availability of the iPhone 5c in all colors through most retail channels.

The cheaper plastic 5c is readily available while the upscale top of the line iPhone 5s is getting backed up and limited supply.

Now if they would just listen to me instead of offering the cheaper version, they should have offered the super no-compromises version which includes a larger screen, more memory and a larger battery and charge $400 for it and watch apple freaks from all over line up half way to China to buy one and in the process probably win over a bunch of android fans who would have liked a larger phone which previously had only been available on the android platform.


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  • As a long time Apple fan, I have to agree with you.


  • It may not be demand that is making the 5C available and the 5S limited but supply. Apple Stores opened with only 2 to 10 5S phones in each store and had a lot of 5C phones. Of the 5S phones very few were the gold.

    Why? Supply. The polycarbonate phone is much easier to make. Why is the gold phone even more limited? An extra step for the anodization to get the color. What is unreported is it could be a manufacturing problem like what happened with the white iPhone. It took Apple months to make enough of them. Apple also knows that whenever they make gold anodized anything it sells at a higher rate. They also know that limiting the supply also drives up desire. I don’t think they are doing that, they just didn’t make enough.

    -Take with a grain of salt as I am a Kool Aid drinking MacFanboy who ordered the gold 64GB 5S for Sue at the crack of dawn through ATT. 21 days, maybe. They just don’t have them.


    • I don’t have a cell phone, because I don’t need one. “Cell Free.” But I crave and lust after the gold iPhone. That’s the “Apple Way.” Create demand and desire with a quality product, and it will create a vacuum, which will suck up your products almost as fast as they can be manufactured.


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