In light of the recent iPhone releases of the 5c and 5s a poll for iPhone users or potential iPhone users

I’m fairly confident that we can all agree that smartphones of today including Apple’s iPhones and the high end Android phones are incredible marvels of innovation, productivity and communication powerhouses.

The iPhone is a great phone, the android powered Samsung Galaxy s4 is a great phone, bottom line, end of story.

Not here to debate which is better.  What I would like to know from current iPhone users is what features you would like most to see in the next version of the iPhone or were you most disappointed weren’t included in the latest iPhone release.

I contend that instead of a cheaper iPhone made with plastic parts like the iPhone 5c, a larger iPhone with more screen real estate and a larger longer lasting internal battery would bring larger numbers of people upgrading to that iPhone or converting from Android.  I think there are a huge number of power users and gamers who don’t care about having the lightest slimmest phones, they just want a performance beast with more real estate on the screen.

I’m not discounting the benefit of small and light, all I’m saying I think there’s a whole other segment of the market that would happily give up small and light for large and without a care in the world about having to not get through a day on a battery charge.

In the comment section on this post please share your thoughts about what you would like to see in the next iPhone or additional model to complement the current iPhone.  Even if you’re not an iPhone user I’d like to hear your thoughts about the larger heavier phone with longer lasting battery and more screen vs smaller lighter phone with a battery that may not get you through a day.

I’m not trying to convince anyone that one way is better than the other- for some people they just want the most unobtrusive, smallest, lightest phone they can carry, for others maybe having a larger screen means you can read and see things a little better, for others not being able to get through a day without charging their phone might drive them up a wall.  Fortunately there are many options in phones out there which push each manufacturer to get better and better.

I personally fall into the camp where I favor a larger phone and longer lasting battery but for someone that hardly uses the multimedia capabilities of their phone a smaller phone might be a better fit for them.

For size comparison- Samsung Galaxy s4 on the left and current version of the iPhone on right.

Samsung Galaxy s4 size vs iPhone Size


  • I would love a larger screen and if that means a larger battery, which also carries a longer charge, then even better.


  • I love the IPhone and use it more for the computer/camera applications than as a phone. It’s hard to find fault with it but I would like the battery to last longer, especially when traveling. To use the map function for navigating uses up the battery super fast. Also I still miss Google Maps with Streetview and think the Apple map does not measure up. I do love Siri and think she is magic.


  • I agree with most of Saint 707’s observations. One really has to plug the phone in to the car for any long trip use of the navigation system. As much as I like having a computer in my pocket ( and Siri is great) I wish it were a better telephone. The voice fidelity is lousy compared to the old black Bell product. The loss of feedback in the earpiece is why people yell into their phones.


  • One trick you probably already know, you have to kill navigation programs and any other heavy battery apps as soon as you have stopped using them. The quick way to do that:
    1) Double tap home button brings up all running apps in a row on the bottom.
    2) Press and hold one of the app icons until they start quivering with a red X in the top left.
    3) Then just tap the red X of any app you want to quit.

    The other trick for long battery life is to check if any apps are stuck “installing”. Go to the App Store and check under “updates”. If there are programs hung, they will eat your battery. Delete them. (Press and hold offending app icon, press red X and answer yes to delete.)

    I don’t use my phone for games but often use map programs and I can go about five days without charging. If it does not last a day there is something wrong.

    Last tip. Turn off bluetooth if you do not use it. I only use bluetooth when I control my Apple TV but now that I trained my Apple TV to understand commands from my comcast remote I keep bluetooth turned off.


  • Apple iPhone iOS 7.0 is downloadable starting tomorrow! So all tips above may be moot. A good idea to throw out all apps you do not use before you update to 7.0.


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