iPhone 5s and 5c and What I Would Have Done If I Were Apple

I’m am an apple product fan.  Huge fan of the iPhone and the iPad.  I own a first gen iPad and still use it. Even though I am an android phone user I can still appreciate Apple hardware.

Every product refresh they make they include great enhancements but I think there is one move they have yet to make but I think would be an absolute monster boost to their sales.

A larger iPhone to me would be a monster hit.  As a Samsung Galaxy s3 user I really appreciate the extra screen real estate and I appreciate even more the ability to strap on a cheap aftermarket battery to the back of my s3 which triples the battery life. 

I believe there are many people out there that want the smallest and lightest phones they can get but with the sheer computing power available on today’s smartphones they are being used more as portable computing machines and I think there is a distinct trend with people who want larger phones to be able to hit the keys easier and navigate easier, see videos more clearly, ect, ect ect. 

Although I recognize that Apple will probably never let you open up your iPhone or add a micro sd card slot for more memory a larger iPhone would mean more space internally for a larger high capacity battery.  If there’s one thing that sucks about a smartphone for a power user it’s the amount of life a battery on a small phone has.  Bigger phone, bigger battery.

For me the ability to get many different android smartphones with detachable backplates allowing for huge batteries and larger screens are the difference and why I’d recommend an android phone over an iPhone.  But if I was a casual non-demanding smartphone user it would probably be iPhone.

The success of the Samsung Galaxy Note which is basically a Samsung Galaxy with an even larger screen shows there is big demand.

I don’t agree with Apple’s tactic of offering a low cost iPhone either with the 5c and it’s plastic parts.   Apple has always been synonymous with unapologetic top grade hardware and premium pricing.  people were and are willing to pay for it knowing they are getting the best hardware without ever questioning it. 

I equate coming out with a lower grade iPhone to a brand like Tommy Hilfiger who for a brief moment was competing with the likes of Polo/ Ralph Lauren and then went and sold out and buried there products into discounters like Marshalls and TJ Max.  Forever to be equated with a poor man’s Polo and never will they ever be able to command the premium pricing they once did.

I say instead of offering a cheaper iPhone option that they should have offered a larger iPhone option with a mongo battery and charge even MORE for it.  That would have pleased Wall Street I bet.

.Samsung Galaxy s4 vs iPhone size-



Galazy Note vs iPhone size-


Samsung Galaxy vs Samsung Note size



  • You are so right–I would LOVE for my iPhone to be big as my son’s Samsung!!!


  • Some want a big screen some want a smaller phone. I lean towards smaller phone. Samsung last week revealed why they are making phones that are big enough to actually play pool in your pocket. So they can sell you a 300 dollar smartwatch so you don’t have to sprain a nut pulling the phone out of your pocket. Best quote from man on the street: “Finally, a smartwatch so I can talk to my wrist instead of my hand!”

    Big batteries make big phones. If you want more juice in an iPhone there are dozens of snap on and quick charge devices out there. Google “iphone battery charger”. That way you have a choice, go small or pack amps. I always pack one on trips and never use it.

    What no one is talking about is the 5S is now has a 64 bit processor. It might take a few months but Siri and something called Beacon which will be sprinkled around your environment to talk to your 64 bit phone and the smartphones might actually become pretty smart. I dictate to Siri, ask her for new mail, or driving directions but she needs a brain transplant. And she knows she is talking to me so why hasn’t she learned something about me? 64 bit could do that.

    The colored 5Cs are an enigma. But so were the rainbow of iMacs that Steve Jobs introduced in 1998. Everyone laughed then but then a year later and even a toaster came in different colors. Can you go back to that well one more time? I have to hold a yellow one with a green holed cover and play with it before commenting.


  • I think the 5C was created for the people in countries that are low income. Which makes no sense, since $100 US dollars is like $700 dollars in some poor country. I would sell my Apple stocks, all is lost without Steve Jobs.


    • And a Starbucks latte is 29 bucks in Bejing but guess what they can’t build fast enough in Bejing? Starbucks.

      They are selling both phones in all countries from the start. Something that Apple hasn’t been able to do since they could never make enough. They may be selling to poor countries but they are selling to the new rich in those countries. And places like Japan love mutlicolored stuff like this. (I think they will be a big seller in the US also.)

      My prediction: Apple will be selling Apple iOS driven device number one billion by the end of 2014. I think there are already over 700 million. One billion. That is a large number. If you stacked them all up you would have a tower as tall as … one billion phones and iPads. Somebody else can figure out if you get to the moon twice with that.


      • I agree, they totally will sell, especially if they can prove that the 64 bit thing actually translates into huge real world performance.

        I just bet for a huge population of people, they would love a larger iPhone with more screen real estate and a longer duration battery.

        The form factor doesn’t seem like its made huge changes in a good number of years. Maybe they wouldn’t want to do that because the developers would lose their minds having to develop for a different size. I dont really know but my guess is the biggest jump up in sales would be from a bigger phone with a longer battery.


  • They make them this way phones – sort of like that old jingle don’t leave home without…Some contracts the phone is free or so they say but you have to pay so much extra the first couple of months – and then have a signed contract for so many years set rate! Big time battles among the phone groups for big time $$$ involved…


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