Charlie’s Place Thousand Island Panini

Charlie’s Place Is Always a Solid Choice For Breakfast Lunch Or Dinner. 

Tremendous Specials Daily.  Clean.  Reasonable Priced. Excellent Service.

Yet another joint like Mamie’s Kitchen, George’s, Fort Square Café, Willow Rest, Two Sisters, Sugar Mags, Sailor Stan’s, ect, ect.  No room for mediocrity in the Gloucester MA breakfast game.  We’ve got straight A Game places to choose from every day of the week.

Breakfast joints in Gloucester are bottom line, hands down the best.  Toughest part about them is deciding which one to go to. 



and for those of you wondering why I’m talking about breakfast joints and showing a Thousand Island Panini- It was 11AM when I ordered this- technically in my book – Breakfast!


  • I was thinking of doing a series on breakfast spots in Gloucester. Did the research, the google, and realized that there are more than 32 places to get breakfast at the crack of dawn on Cape Ann. After figuring out how much eggs benedict with crab cakes, linguica, hash of all different varieties, I had to bail on the idea because I didn’t think I would have fit through the door of breakfast spot number 32.


  • Looks plum good! 🙂


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