Time to Stuff Your Sausage!

2:30 PM Labor Day and while we bless our unions for the 40 hour work week and getting this day off there is one more thing to think about. As of 2:30 PM today summer is over. I know, I know, you’re going to the beach a bunch more times but it’s time to start thinking about fall.

Fall: Pumpkins, and apple picking, and the second striper season, and looking at the stars without swatting mosquitoes, and now my new favorite fall activity, stuffing your sausage.  Sue stuffed mine three different ways:

sausageTop left: Kielbasa, top right: Chorizo, and center: sweet Italian sausage. It looked really easy! (Why did you just smack me Sue?) We have one of those monster Kitchen Aide mixers with the grinder attachment. Step One: (I love this part) go into Market Basket and ask the butcher, “You got any hog casings?” The other fun new saying I have is, “You stuff ’em, I’ll smoke ’em!”

Those kielbasas needed smoking:smokingThere is an easy way to tie your kielbasa off so they hang nicely. Next time I’ll do it that way. Out of the smoker, don’t they look purty?smoked

Take home message after trying all three: this is worth doing. Not because you save a bunch of money although buying a huge picnic shoulder and turning it into these tasty sausages rounds out to about a buck a pound. It’s worth it because they are yummy and it is legal in Massachusetts to stuff your own sausage.


  • Those look great! When’s dinner? I’d also like to know your smoking technique.


    • I start with a white dinner jacket but next week will do the full Goldfinger with a red carnation.

      Oh, my sausage smoking technique. I go quick and cheap. A 70 buck electric with water bowl smoker: http://www.drillspot.com/products/277139/char-broil_water_electric_smoker
      I may someday upgrade to something fancier that actually gives me an accurate reading but this one you can fill the bowl with water, throw some wet hickory chunks on the electric element, maybe add some apple wood too, turn it on high until it smokes then turn down the thermostat until it just kicks on and go take a four hour nap. You can add some more wood chips at two hours but this kielbasa has a nice mild hickory tone with one shot.

      I gotta say the chorizo breakfast with eggs beats any chorizo I have ever had. My kids do not like store bought chorizo. Too dry, too much paprika but you can tone it down.

      Let me smoke some blue fish in the next month and then in October I’ll have a Sunday morning mug up built around all the things I can smoke. Smoked bluefish páte a la Stellá.


  • Can i get some of those links for a special? I promise to wear a white dress!


  • Ok now I am real hungry looking at this Breatfast chorizo & Pappas yes indeed! 🙂


  • What’s your recipe for those great looking sausage?


  • I love making Sausage. I have 3 machines 2 are my grandfathers original machines he used in his store… they look delicious!


  • So Paul, send RD on up to the distillery to pick up some of our “Barrel Bits” for smoking. Pieces of our oak barrels which has held our Rye Whiskey. Or from the Folly Cove Rum barrels. We also have a little of the sawdust from chopping the barrels. We have several restaurant customers who use them.

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    • Holy cow Bob (just betting this is Bob) that is an offer I cannot refuse. My bluefish páte has a few dollops of Whiskey and Rubber Duck will switch to Ryan & Wood for the whiskey and the wood chips. With that I may be able to leave out the secret ingredient Stella adds and then even Joey might try some.


      • Paul T Morrison & RD

        A year later and I have been using the Ryan & Wood Rye whiskey keg chunks for smoking everything. Sometimes Rye+hickory and for milder rye+apple.


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