Midori, my favorite oriental restaurant

A few months ago, Midori Chinse and Japanese bistro (32 Washington Street) started hosting an “Artist’s Cocktail”, 8-11PM on Wednesday nights (live music by Henry Allen and the New Swingset, as well as by guest artists; plus other things like poetry and dance by guests, etc.). That event was the occasion for me to eat at Midori for the first time in a few years.  The time I had been there in the past I had not been overly enthused by the food, but now that has totally changed!  I now go almost every Wednesday night and sometimes once or twice more during the week. It helps that I now live very nearby, but I would probably go even if I didn’t.  The prices are reasonable, and I love their food! They offer a wide range of Chines and Japanese cuisine. (Their Japanese dumpling soup is one of my personal favorites.)

Besides that, the owner and staff are friendly and take care of their regular customers.  A few times the manager has sent to our tables complimentary portions of something special from the kitchen or a scoop of ice cream. Just yesterday he sent my friend and me small, well-presented plates of fantastic, spicy macaroni and cheese.

A sampling from their $8 lunch buffet:


Here are some more photos I’ve taken there:


A few people have mentioned that when that restaurant first opened several years ago they had a bad experience of one kind or another.  If that was the case, as far as I can tell things have really changed! Although sometimes the wait staff seems stretched a little thin, I (and friends of mine) have been going regularly for months with no problems. On the contrary, it’s now my favorite oriental restaurant in town!

Matthew Green


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