Adventure Out For a Spin Today

Looked like 28 plus people onboard as it took off from Rocky Neck.

If you click on the photo and zoom in Norman’s Woe to the right and Boston skyline off the stern shot on an iPhone from the end of the Dogbar Breakwater.adventureboston

While watching the Adventure sail off from Gloucester Marine Railways I started chatting with Jeff Thomas. His grandfather Jeff Thomas was the first captain of the Adventure and took it fishing on the banks from 1926 to 1934. It was in 1934 at the age of 59 that Jeff Thomas had a myocardial infarction (heart attack) while on the bow of his boat chopping ice that was building up on the gear. He made it back to the wheel before he died. They iced him with the fish and he made his way back to Gloucester from Nova Scotia by rail.

The names on the cenotaph (Man at the Wheel) are all real people of course. I see Peter Prybot’s name and know that. Those names are real all the way back for a lot of people of Gloucester.

Cape Ann and Gloucester is knee deep in history. You can’t turn around without tripping over it. It’s also walking around amongst us. All you have to do is listen.

A little history: Schooner 


  • Beautiful shot and great post, Paul. It was great to see you this morning.


    • It was not a long bike ride this morning but the history is what struck me time and again. I couldn’t put it all in to the one post. Starting with the cenotaph and seeing Peter Prybot’s name for the first time, biking down the new bike lanes, watching the Adventure leave the dock, then getting out to the dogbar to watch it go by (also meeting the new GDT photographer in both places), then back to your gallery where the man a the wheel was made, to Capt Joe’s and thinking of Joey’s grandfather out there doing the same thing as Capt Jeff Thomas but being shot at by German U-boats, and while I am there I get a fill up of Lebanese bread meat pies that Toby Pett has conjured out of New Bedford (holy crap those were tasty), to a gaggle of ladies who Joey is entertaining since GMG is so popular and they have come from North Carolina to see Joey, then onto Fred Bodin’s and I trade a few stories and he lets me fill up my water bottle.

      We do live in a wonderful place. If you like history it is just poking out all over.


      • Good to see you Paul. You and RD and your bike are welcome anytime. It’s always Happy Hour for you here in the gallery, so belly up to the water faucet! I’ll see you Wednesday at Felicia’s book launching party, also wearing a tux and a Banana’s snap-on bow tie. We should have our picture taken, with RD and my pet lobster – Shaggy.

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        • I am not sure Homie approves of shaggy seeing as how he is windup. Happy to hear you got a snap on from Bananas. If I can just keep my day job from interfering with fun I will see you Wednesday either in a Tux or a post labor day faux pas. Oh wait, it’s not post labor day. Bust out the white belt and shoes!


      • happy to feed you anytime Paul…I was returning from the 75th reunion of a sailboat class that I enjoyed sailing for many years (going to the reunion was a chance to see some friends of very long standing)…New Bedford and Fall River have many ethnic neighborhoods, and in due course, bakeries, etc…that I just can’t pass without stopping…In this case it was Sam’s on Flint St., Fall River where I brought home a bunch of meat pies for all at the dock…there are multiple stuffings, all good…if you go, get there early or you will be out of luck…they open at 5:00 a.m….again, it was good to visit with you…

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        • After biking all morning the lebanese bread meat pie with chorizo metabolized directly though my lips. Pretty tasty. You might consider creating a google map, “Toby Pett finds Good Stuff to Eat in New England”. You give me a list with name of the store, the keystone product, and an address, and I’ll whip it up.

          I’ll start: Spice and Pepper Thai Restaurant, Take out, Short Ribs, (1 Main St, Wayland, MA)

          Joey is starting to wonder if I pull into his driveway only when the Toby mobile is there. Not true but it sure was a seafood chowder kind of day that turned into a meat pie. Tell Frankie I made it down Rogers without getting on the news. 😉


  • sort of a “Guy Fieri, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” ,but all within a few hours drive time to Gloucester? I can hear the sound now “ROAD TRIP”!!!

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  • Well said Paul ~ lives well lived Gloucester

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  • Marianne Sheridan

    Jeff Thomas was fortunate to die with his boots on doing what he loved!

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  • Two years ago today!


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