• I often thought the pond would make for some type of shellfish or other fisheries brackish water incubator – What say you, any ideas worth discussing, federal waterway monies?
    Why No


  • Spent way too much time sitting on that railing at the bridge down the Mills…Surprised how it has deteriorated in the past few 40 years, I remember people swimming at the beach, the big orange raft that was there, the city would put it out every summer. People used to dive off the bridge and dive for change the people would throw over, probably late 60’s. I learned to swim there when the older kids threw me over the bridge! (sink or swim)… Ahh the memories! Never, ever heard it called “Brown’s Mill Landing”…it was always just the Mills! Thanks for posting..it’s great to see the old place! I’ve been gone since ’74…


  • While we were cleaning up around the pond this spring I was chatting with the DPW guy who seemed to know what the water gate was all about. He said that they were opening the gate a little bit each year. I guess to keep the mud from being one big washout into the river since the gate had not been open in decades. Once they get the gate all the way open, a few more years? Then maybe start thinking about oysters.

    My brother says (the one that is always full of BS but you never know) that you can throw your oyster shells in the water, pieces, even better, and oysters will seed on the shells.


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