Willie ” Loco” Alexander to join the Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line Tonight 8:30-11:30 . 8.15.2013

Dave Sag's

Dave Sag’s
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Dave says,

We’re having too much fun this summer,so, let’s make it even better. Please welcome back Gloucester’s own Godfather of punque, Mr, Willie Alexander. Just indited into the Gloucester Rock and Roll Museum, right next to Sylvester Ahola and Joe Pal, Willie’s sure to get tour fluids movin’. That is, if he can find the place. I’m gonna help him out.


jisilva photo

Blazing his saddles will be that cosmic gas-giant, Mr. Billy Loosigian , who’s been in more fabulous Boston Bands than you can imagine. Presently in Willie’s band, this guy plays like he has four hands and 24 fingers.
Rounding out the heavy lifting will be our favorite tonsorially-challenged drumambulist, Mr. Steevie Chaggaris ,keeper of the flame and general mucky muck. A great nite! We hit at 8:30  and play till exhaustion. Somebody help me!



40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Email: shred1946@yahoo.com

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