• Pretty Close there, a wee bit to the port side too much, Line up taller higher landmark and a nearer lower landmark and if distance from them stays the same you will be on target worked for many years along with dead reckoning. This is how we navigated before reliable Loran A, C ,GPS and Differential GPS.


  • You nailed it Manny. If you compare some of the houses with their angles and window configurations, it’s an exact match.


  • Joe and Fred
    Thanks for the confirmation that I was at least in the correct area, it appears that the section has changed drastically with urban renewal.


    • Yes, it has changed, especially on the waterfront. I used the houses in the background to correlate to your current photo. They match up.


  • pics are off about 200 yds.


  • That white building across the channel is the old Gorton’s redfish (Ocean Perch) building. It’s a little bit further downtown than the building that the Midnight Sun is tied up to. We used to walk from Stanley Court all the way downtown by way of the wharfs, only going up on the street for a short time between H.C. Brown and United Fisheries.


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