The Invites For Sista Felicia’s Book Launch Gala At Cruiseport Are In!!

Sista Felicia writes-


let our GMG FOBs know they can get their tickets through Kickstarter or at the GMG Tent this week at the Farmers Market, and at the Waterfront Festival 

Or you can post in comments and I’ll hold tickets for pick up or send them out.


The Food, The Music, The Venue- All Spectacular!

To Get Your Invite go To The Kickstarter Page and Look In the Right Hand Column

Also if you only got a book I believe there’s an option to get a book and an invite to the Gala!

Here’s the link-

Sista Felicia’s Sicilian Cookbook



  • So excited for you so upset I have to miss it but ill have a glass of champaign that night sitting outside my deck one the ocean Thames St. Newport..”come after spend the rest of the week with the other “sisters” we will be thinking shoot missing the best event this year..well deserved long coming event couldn’t be proud of my “sister” luv ya congrats Sefatia


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