Madfish Wharf Cookie MugUp Sunday 9:30AM

This Sunday, August 11th at 9:30AM, there will be a joint Madfish Wharf Mug Up on the patio behind Alma’s Arts & Antiques and Carol McKenna’s Gallery.

OK, Rubber Duck is going to crush the competition with a stiff and crunchy (not soft and limp) self likeness of the one and only.

Test Kitchen Run 1:duckydohJust trying to work out all the variables. Quiet down in the peanut gallery. Yes I know this is not the right dough to make into animals. But there’s a will, there’s a way.duckcookie Oh, I think I nailed it. Not only did I make two ducks but I made a seal and a walrus too! Testing is over and the baking begins at 8AM tomorrow so these succulent crunchy Rubber Ducks will be ready to accept the blue ribbons.

It is obvious that if I go with no feet, I make them smaller (sheesh the big ones go nuclear) and I make a small head with an exaggerated beak I will end up with a flock of perfect rubber duck facsimiles.

ROCKPORT FIREWORKS: they are warming up. The start 9:30PM The Granite Pier.


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