Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line with Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Dave Mattacks. Hold on to your hats! 8:30-11:30 ~ 8.8.2013

Dave Sag's

Dave Sag’s
jisilva photo

Dave says,

It’s time to give me your huddled masses and exotic diseases and await the haloed return of Mr. Dennis Brennan, ubermensch of the blues. Quickly becoming everybody’s favorite flavor, he sure knows how to get your blood moving..And he’s bringing that fleet-fingered six-shooter string glitar  master, Mr. Matt “Dillon” Stubbs  with him. Lotta maiming goin’ on. Gonna keep Doc Pomus busy all nite! Worse, the atomic clock. Mr. Dave Mattacks is short fused for the nite, so, get ready for for an all-out frontal assault. Be there or be square.

As the grapevine was strangling me, it’s become apparent that the place to be Tuesday nite is at the Doggy Bar. Rheumer has it that The Funda- mentals* are ripe for seed pod explosion and are waiting to spray you with their own brand of cosmic debris. I’ll be there with a whisk broom. You should go.

Also, buy yourselph  a folding chair and limp on down to Stage Fork Parque this Saturday. Sit down and don’t get up till it’s over. The 2nd annual Glou. Blooze Fest, that is. 11to 7, still gives you time to wipe yourself off and go bar hopping later. I’ll see you there.

And here’s some more goodies for you this month. It’s the best batch yet:
Aug. 15 Willie Alexander and some boom booms. Boomba boom!
Aug.22 Lydia Warren and Chris “Stovepipe” Brown. Breathing optional.
Aug.29 “Flash” Gordon Beadle and the north shore aliens. Medic!
Sept.5 Michelle Willson and John Hyde
Sept.12 Ricky “King” Russell, Edd Scheer and Mario Perrett. The three stooges! Spread out!
Sept.19 Lisa Marie with Keith Lockhart, June’s brother and his pet drummer Gym.
Sept.26 Chris”Stovetop” Brown with his pet air bulb anklysaurus

And, again, thank you for your continued support. Without you Fred could only afford Creme Brûlée once a week.

* or familiarly, The Feenamints®


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Email: shred1946@yahoo.com

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