Stripers Eating All The Bugs From Kellen O’Maley–Connemara Bay Charters


Hey Joey,

Just shooting you an email regarding what could be one of the biggest threats to lobsters. Almost every striper we catch charter fishing on my fathers boat, The Connemara Bay, it is loaded up with juvenile bugs. We caught one the other day that had 10 lobsters in it! I attached the picture which includes the Bass along with the 10 victims. lob

The last time we were on your page was from the blue lobster we had a few years back that we donated to the heritage center.

Video- Blue Lobster Landed In Gloucester By Lobster Boat The Connemara Bay

Blue Lobster Landed In Gloucester By The Lobster Boat The Connemara Bay and Headed To The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

Kellen O’Maley


  • Since the baby lobsters are dead would it be illegal to dredge them in milk/egg then panko and deep fry them?

    The small ones dipped in epoxy would make amazing earrings.


  • Paul you are a Entrepreneur in the making, I also found a few of these lobsters in the creek at Good Harbor Beach.


  • Katherine Richmond

    Human’s have changed the balance of nature everywhere. Juvenal lobsters have always had a high mortality rate. Is there a study on this?


  • Interestingly, it was Ben Franklin (yeah, he was the guy that helped to found our country; the same guy that used to fly kites with keys on them) when he was aboard fishing boats, off our coast, who observed this, that fish eat other fish, stopped his Vegan ways, and started eating meat and chicken again.


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