• where can we find this deliciousness? Thx in advance.


    • Liz…I give out most recipes, but not this one…some day you may be at a gathering where I bring it…until then…well you hopefully you understand…


      • Ahhhhh now I get it! I thought you might be a master chef at a nearby restaurant and I was going to make a beeline there! Looka amazing! Glad you and your lucky buddies had the treat! 🙂


  • looks awesome toby!


  • Best chowder i’ve ever had! THANX TOBY!


  • Sometimes I have really shitty timing. Today was not that day. Sometimes even good chowder has too much of something. But too much lobster? The Toby chowder shouldn’t be called chowder. Delicious pot of something or other. Now every time I have chowder I’ll think, “tasty chowder but it isn’t as good as Toby Chowder”.


    • thanks Paul…what a great morning, the heat broke so I decided to celebrate and put the components together at the dock…next thing you know, Ed shows up, you came by, Kim showed up, Jimmy came by to visit Frank, Hanna and Craig came and everyone had enough…I am glad that it was memorable!


  • Craig Kimberley

    You cant find it, unless you know the man. Toby, that was a fantastic treat! Here it is….Clamstah Chowda!!!!


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