Last Minute Block Party Updates – Win Cool Prizes

Here’s a new feature for tomorrow’s (SAT) Downtown Block Party: Win Cool Prizes!
The Block Party’s new Marketplace at the Cape Ann Savings Bank Plaza between Hancock and Porter Streets (see map) has a new game called Glosta-opoly played on a brand new Monopoly-style board created by members of Art Haven.  

You can play the game for free and win wicked-cool Prizes including CDs by top local artists including Chelsea BerryJulie DoughertyMichael Thomas DoyleAllen EstesTom HauckOrleans “Still the One Live”Renee & JoeT Max, plus a limited edition Celebrate Gloucester 2010 2 DVD set, limited edition Celebrate Gloucester 2007 Staff T-Shirt, hats & shirts & pens from Gloucester Engineering, jar openers and shot glasses from Ryan and Wood, creations and services from the Teen Artist Guild, gift certificates for From Dust to Dawn Cleaning services from Holly Ciancola and Whitmarsh Lock and Safe, energy bars and candies from Sunny Variety, Mardi Gras beads and glow sticks from Cape Ann Lanes, free car washes from Maplewood Car Wash, gift certificates from downtown merchants and more . . .

Revised Entertainment Schedule
There have been a couple of minor changes to the entertainment — click here for all entertainment by stage.  Click here for all musical entertainment by time.

Don’t sweat the parking.  I’m always surprised when I hear people complain about parking in Gloucester.  Honestly, I’ve never had trouble finding a parking space — not even during Fiesta.  Last night I went to the Harbor Loop Concert.  I got there after it started on a beautiful summer night in the height of the tourist season when every local hotel is full and what do you know?  I found a parking space on Rogers Street at Harbor Loop!  In fact I had my choice of at least half a dozen free (after 6) spots on Rogers within earshot of the music.  Plus there were plenty of spaces at I4-C2.  So don’t worry about the few Main Street parking spots that are not available during the Block Party.  Trust me.  You won’t have a problem finding a space within a couple minutes walk.


  • What about the 40-60% chance of severe thunderstorms tomorrow between 5pm-11pm? And also a chance of hail, damaging winds and a possible low-risk tornado?


    • Such weather is unpredictable Jenn, but I’m glad I don’t make the decision to cancel or not, and it’s way too early to decide. Regardless, come hail, wind, or rain, Bodin Historic Photo will be open and serving food and refreshments. Let the Block Party go on!


    • I just spoke with Val Markley, who said the Block Party is ON. If weather forces a cancellation, we will post that right here on GMG by 4pm tomorrow (Saturday).


  • Yes, agreed it is unpredictable and I wouldn’t want to make the call either. But for restaurants not normally open for dinner (like Sugar Mags), they have to order a ton of expensive perishables that they don’t usually serve, never mind setting up all of the outside tents, tables, fencing, etc., so in that respect it is already too late, but hopefully will be made before set up around 4pm.

    I’ll try to stop in at some point. 🙂


  • It’s after 4pm on Saturday–wondering what the final verdict is…


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