Man at the Wheel

Another shot from my photo walk with the photography workshop.  How do you take an interesting photo of something like this memorial that’s so iconic that it’s hard to be original?   It’s not easy, especially on a day with relatively boring light. I tried to make this more interesting with the processing (mostly adjusting contrast in the foreground and adding texture to the clouds to the sky), although the angle is totally conventional.

Matthew Green



  • The fisherman

    By Peter Albert Todd

    Watching over our boats night and day
    With his hands at the ships wheel
    A statue of Faith for the fishermen of today
    With eyes fixed like glistened steel
    Many a seasons storms have passed by
    Since he was dedicated on our shore
    Through raging storms and sunlit skies
    The Fisherman has done his chore
    Our sands of time have taken its toll
    From the great statue of our seas
    Like the many stories of Noah often told
    Our Fisherman sets the spirit within us free
    The words that are etched below his feet
    So true to the fishermen in many ways
    When the sands of time are stilled we’ll meet
    Those we have lost from the oceans grave.


  • Wm. Skipper Publicover

    Well Done, Peter !


  • One of the most photogenic statues anywhere–has so much meaning to so many people. Great photo! I think I’ve photographed every knuckle, wrinkle, etc. as close-ups. Love Peter’s poem as well. Interested to see where the next walk takes you!


  • Thanks for the comments, and Peter, thanks for the poetry!


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