Lost Cat

“Hi Joey, Not sure you have a lost and found section for pets… our cat has been missing for 2.5 weeks and I have exhausted all avenues. Someone mentioned posting on GMG… I love your blog, but have never posted. If you have a lost and found section, could you please post this picture and information about our very missed small cat… Thank you.”

Darlene Story
e-mail wincurls@aol.com
phone: (978)283-0383

LOST since Tuesday June 25: 10 month old BROWNISH/GRAY Indoor cat. Answers to Gandy. Not spayed. Door was left ajar and wandered out. Haskell Street, Gloucester MA. Usually very friendly, may be skittish. Hoping someone is taking good care of her.



  • She’s beautiful. I hope you find her. I have two indoor cats, and I would be beside myself if they got out and I couldn’t find them. Was she in heat? You said she wasn’t spayed. She may just be off frolicking with a new tom cat friend and will come back when the fling is over.


  • I lived across the street from Darlene on Haskell. My precious cat Lucy was lost several years ago, probably in the woods across the street to a coyote or fisher cat. I hope your kitty comes home!


  • Will keep an eye out so cute


  • oops… I posted the wrong phone number. Please call w/any information about Gandy: (978) 283-0385. @ Fred, we remember Lucy and Pete. When you moved, our cat, Spot, would venture over and peek in your windows looking for his best buddy, Pete.


  • Dear Cuz, So sorry about loss of your kitty. She may turn up yet. Hugs, Lez


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