THIS is the place to get your Frozen Yogurt- Café Bishco- and it isn’t even close!

2013-07-08 18.32.45

I’m an idiot (surely no surprise to anyone who reads here regularly)

All spring we’ve been heading to Pinkberry for our Frozen Yogurt and paying out the butt when all along under our noses Café Bishco has been serving better FROYO with MORE topping choices for WAY LESS MONEY.

People had mentioned it when we broke the news about Orange Leaf coming to town but I’m noot sure why it didn’t register (probably that whole Joey’s and idiot thing again)

But let me tell you this- my FROYO was at least double the size I get at Pinkberry for at least 30% less money.

And the laundry list of stuff they will put in there is wayyyyy longer than the list they have at Pinkberry.

Get your Froyo ass on down and see what I’m talking about.



  • They also have tofu-based non-dairy frozen confection, so my dairy-allergic spouse and I can both get chilly treats from there. Bishco rules.


  • orange leaf is owned by Sean Nickerson .. gloucester native and good guy – his mom is a Curcuru


  • Orange Leaf is a welcome addition to the landscape. Bishco is fine when you’re in Salem, but Salem’s not easy to get to.


  • I’ve tried Orange Leaf and it’s ok but my choice for frozen yogurt is still Café Bishco. Good product, plenty of variety with the toppings, huge portions and at a good price. They also make it for you plus add and mix in the toppings. You don’t have to do it yourself. I like it like that. It really doesn’t matter that the owners are not from Gloucester or that their parents don’t have a familiar Italian last name. They are very pleasant people and always have a smile on their face when I visit. Give them a try. I bet you’ll like it.


  • Cafe Bishco is located at 51 Main Street, on the West End of Gloucester. They’re open from 10am to 11pm every day, except closed on Sundays. 978-283 8309


  • I usually get their wraps, and my friend Fr. Matthew Green loves their soups. The Mediterranean soup I had there, during the first hour they were open, was terrific. Like the frozen yogurt, it’s a lot of food at a great price. You can eat and hang out there, with free Wi-Fi and magazines to read. I browsed a Turkish cultural history and culinary book. A special place and an asset to Downtown Gloucester.


  • Sounds good. I’ll have to try some soup at the Bishco. You can easily split the grilled sandwiches there so big. A true gem of a eatery. It’s great that they chose to be here in Gloucester!


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