Ladies- Don’t Buy into The High Rise Shorts Thing

They’re mom-jean cut offs.

Saw these at Nordstrom the other day.

What do they think you’re stupid or something?  They have huge cargo container after huge cargo container ships loaded with excess Mom-jeans that noone will buy because they’re just so unflattering so they figure they’ll just lop off the bottoms and call them high-rise shorts thinking that you’ll fall for that?  It’s felt out insulting.

Nordstrom- be better than this.

2013-06-29 14.50.30


  • I’ve seen these things in action, and mom-jean cutoffs is exactly what they are. Just completely unflattering in every possible way.


  • I wore a pair of denim high wasted shorts with a denim jacket the other day and got tons of compliments. I think not only high wasted shorts are back in but double denim as well. Nothing says sex appeal then double denim high wasted shorts.


  • They instantly make a 10 an 8, an 8 a 6, a 6 a 4, a 4 a 2 and a 2 a 0


  • So you want to be loved for who you are. Women are tired of being seen as a sexual object. Whatever! Just let your 12 to 14 year olds wear clothes so they can stay children for as long as possible, sp they are not seen as sexual objects. No! I’m not a conservative.


  • If I didn’t tune into GMG, I don’t know where I would get all of my lady’s fashion advice.


  • To drive home the point about this fashion folly, I’m thinking we need an image of Joey C. in some of these high-rise Mom-shorts. Pink or lemon, since those are his favorite colors. If only we had a few creative graphic designer peeps in the GMG audience who could work their magic…


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