Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Dave Mattacks join Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line – 8:30-11:30

Thursday June 20th  8:30-11:30

Dave says,

  Our unsub this week is none other than the fabulous Dennis Brennan, noted vocal meister, and master of the GeeWhiz clef. He’s got to be the most interesting and talented singer around these parts. Plus, he’s a walking musical encyclopedia of all styles and tunes. He’ll clean your ears out! And the chicks dig him! So do I!
He’ll be backed up by the fabulous Matt Stubbs on glitar. No slouch, he. Makes things come alive. And then there’s Dave Mattacks, on drums.  The Atomic Clock needs no introduction, unless you’ve been in a coma for many years. I might slip into one just trying to keep up.. I feel really honored to play with these guys. Pretty lucky, too. Don’t miss it. Remember we start at 8:30 now.
And thank you again for your continued support. We’re nothing without you.

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