Coywolf Stalking Me

coywolf on Eastern Point

The other morning I went for a walk out Eastern Point.  I had my awesome new/used camera that Paul Frontiero gave me and decided to walk around Niles Pond and see if the turtles were basking on the rocks.  As I rounded the corner on Niles Pond Road, there in the middle of the road stood a coywolf.  We stared at each other for a few seconds and I slowly started to raise my camera, at which point he bolted into the woods.  I started to follow but then thought better of it and headed back to Eastern Point Road, looking over my shoulder every now and then to make sure he wasn’t following me.  I walked a little further up Eastern Point and decided to go up Fort Hill Road, which I’d never walked before.  As I started up, there again was the coywolf staring at me.  This time he was further away so I raised my camera, zoomed in on him and quickly grabbed a shot before he disappeared again.  Zoomed too much and too fast, so a little blurry.

I think he probably thought I was stalking him as much as I thought he was stalking me.  First I’ve seen one, so it was exciting, but a little unnerving.

E.J. Lefavour


  • Yikes E.J.! Be careful out there. Did you see the turtles?


  • I saw one of the same driving down Leverett St. on my way to pick up my Fiancé after she did an overnight shift of Home-Health Care. I thought it was a German Sheppard at first due to it’s color’s, but quickly realized it was some type of cross-breed Coyote… The head and ear’s made it pretty obvious it was at least part Coyote. A really beautiful animal incidentally, though very dangerous if cornered. People should use extreme caution if they encounter this animal and always make sure they have a way of getting away from you. If they have a way of avoiding people, they usually do, unless there is an abundant food supply nearby, in which case they will sometimes get a little bolder, but they are pretty skittish by nature.


    • When I saw it I knew right away that it wasn’t a tame animal, although it did have the looks of a taller, lankier German Sheppard – actually quite beautiful. When it ran away, it bounded like a deer and was gone in an instant. I agree that it was pretty skittish and I really wasn’t afraid that it would come after me, but I was still a little unnerved when I encountered it the 2nd time


  • Sure looks more wolf than coyote. Next time could you get a tuft of hair or some poop so I can do some genetic testing to see how much of a wolf it is?

    With Stella I say pinch a loaf and she drops one. Try that next time. 😉


    • I’ll see what I can do. I have noticed a shortage of rabbits on Eastern Point this spring. Maybe pinch a bun would work better with them.


      • E.J., Believe me, there are no shortage of rabbits here…lol. When I walk Cody in the early morning hours, they are all over the grass, the sides of the road, and teasing Cody till the last moment before darting across his path, I swear they know how long his leash is!


        • I actually have seen rabbits, but not as many as last year, but I also haven’t walked out Eastern Point as much, or as early as I did last year. I was more using the rabbit shortage as a pinch a bun pun to Paul’s pinch a loaf saying to Stella.


  • Yes this is right in front/just past my front door. You must have seen my German Shepherd Cody barking at the door. We have run into this particular Alpha before. He frequents Brace Cove as well as Fort Hill Ave allot. We also have run into a couple of cubs by the retreat house paths, and they looked pure coyote, but then again, I don’t know if the hybrids all look pure when cubs. I do know last spring, we saw a pack of 5 hunting in the early morning hours, and that there are more than two packs here.


  • Nice E.J.. I just saw a coyote walk by my house at dusk the other day, here in Bay View. When I lived on Fort Hill Road 99/ 2000, I never saw any foxes or coyotes, but I know they’re there! Jim


    • That’s alarming. I remember encountering the scream of a bobcat in the woods where I was exploring as a kid in Wilmington and another time up in the woods of Jackman, Maine and it scared the living daylights out of me. I wouldn’t want to run into one face to face, as that man did.


  • Took me a minute to get the pinch a bun pun then I spit French Roast on my laptop. Same way I did when you said you were waiting to look at her feet for camel toe. It’s not safe to drink coffee and read EJ comments.

    Rabbits: nature in balance, a top predator is not going to eat all the seed corn. There will be bunnies just not an explosion of bunnies. On my side we have a pair of fisher cats and still there are bunny sightings. Nervous bunny sightings.


  • Coywolves, coyotes bobcats, wolves, none are interested in harming people. That bobcat story is crap. At best he cornered it and it was trying to get away. They use aggression to deter and defend but will leave if given a chance. That guy just wanted to kill the cat. These animals are “skittish’ but if they don’t run off it does NOT mean aggression. It can be they have a family near or are just curious about you or a scent they pick up. Small pets are competition and a threat so keep them under control and everyone should be fine. Caution and respect are needed but fear is not and has lead to too many animals being killed over nothing. FYI coyotes in Ontario are mostly found to be coywolves, meaning they have wolf in them. The amount varies and outward appearence does not dictate how much. It is a defining feature of an eastern coyote. One of the most “wolf” coyotes found in one study was also one of the smallest. Wolf genes do not give the animal any more aggression. Wolves also do not actively hunt people. This animal in the pic is more interested in the local mouse and rabbit population and being generalists will eat much of what you eat so if you are carrying food they are probably more interested in that then in you. But please do not feed them as that leads to them learning and approaching others for food and that will get them shot for sure.


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