Thank You April Smith!!

Yesterday while at CATV making copies of my film, Beeman School 1st grader April Smith lent a hand by agreeing to be my focus group that afternoon. Her candid response to the film, “I loved it!” When I asked what her favorite part was, she first said the music (thanks to my darling daughter Liv for providing the vocals and dear friend Kathleen for the accompanying pipe organ), and then she added she also liked the butterflies and caterpillars. I guess that just about covers all!  Thanks April!!

April Smith ©Kim Smith 2013

And special, special thanks to Andrew Love and April’s Mom, Lisa. Lisa, very graciously, has been sharing the Final Cut editing station (located smack dab in the middle of her hectic office at CATV) with me for the past several weeks.  Andrew once again provided much appreciated assistance with editing and techno problems.

P.S. April was not playing hookey; she was missing school because of a miserable head cold.

Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Premiere


  • I’ve known April since day 1. Lisa and April frequently come into “Fwed’s” gallery, and she’d play with toys that I keep here for children: Rubber ducks, frogs, a bunny, and an 8″ long shopping cart. She’s great and so is her mom Lisa Smith!


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