Lobster Meat Debate- Tail, Knuckle, Claw. What Ya Got?

If I’m eating straight lobster meat or lobster in a a lobster roll I want a majority of the meat to be tail and knuckle meat.  Claw meat is still good and all but no where near as good IMO as tail and knuckle meat for the simple fact that you get that one section of claw meat out of the skinny section of the claw that is more like sponge like in texture compared to the succulent knuckle or tail meat.


Which leads me to the lobster roll produced by Luke’s Lobster in New Yawk City.

Photos from http://newyork.seriouseats.com


Their lobster roll described here-

Whole chunks of lobster claw was stuffed in a top-split bun at Luke’s stand. Each roll was made to order, with a swipe of mayo on the inside, lemon butter and secret seasoning on top.

I’m not gonna go into a wild crazy rant because Luke’s got a lot of things right here and only a few things wrong, the point I ‘m trying to make in this post is in asking you, our viewers, would you be happy with a lobster roll that consisted of all claw meat?

The ideal lobster roll actually consists of meat from all parts of the lobster, if I got only claw meat I’d feel like I was getting jipped.

Let’s poll this to see how you feel-


  • Who doesn’t love straight tail? Just sayin


  • I couldn’t agree with you more: Lose the spongy claw meat altogether and just give me big chunks of tail and knuckle meat. Warm it up, slather on some melted butter, and grill the roll, and I’ll be your customer for life!


  • Not to be contrarian, but I prefer the claw. Tails can have that weird ropey texture and that nasty green stuff.


    • I agree with Judy. You have to do the work of separating the spongy “thumb” and throwing it away, but the rest of the claw is the tastiest of all. Tail meat is generally too tough, and not as sweet. Knuckles are great!


  • Tail is just too easy, I vote for knuckle. A little work but poke your little finger in there and out she pops. But I really love everything from the tomalley to the caviar mixed in with claw, tail and knuckle. Its like asking do you like the white in the Oreo? Sure, and sometimes I pop them open and just go for it but the reason why that white stuff is so good is the black cookie in combo.

    But I digress. Yes to your original problem. Claw by itself can sometimes be disappointing because it can be spongy, chalky, or just plain weird.


  • New Englanders generally prefers the claws for their lobster rolls. The tourists are crazy about the tail, though. They prefer a bigger bite of the rubbery tail compared to the sweeter claws that melts and spreads the taste of lobster in your mouth.


    • Knuckle is great too, but it’s similar to claws. As for in a lobster roll, I think knuckles are better to eat alone, maybe with a touch of butter or lemon.


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