Rubber Duck Review: Brothers Brew Coffee Shop, Rockport

“Who made these doughnuts?!” Rubber Duck and I were at the GMG Mug Up yesterday and I overheard that. I’m always on the make for a good doughnut. Let me digress, I gave up on eating a good doughnut about 35 years ago when people started making healthy, non-fat, sugar free, free range, gluten free, organic carob with oil-less sunshine sprout doughnuts.

So when I heard someone smacking their lips about a doughnut I tried them out.

Brothers Brew Doughnuts

Brothers Brew Doughnuts before the carnage.

I found my doughnut. A real doughnut. These doughnuts may have been made with all the above tasteless modern touchy feeley whole earth ingredients but somehow I doubt it. They exuded the real caloric loaded goodness you got from the pastry shop 30 years ago. As I sampled each flavor (the stuff I have to do to review food around here) the GMG regulars all told me of a secret. These doughnuts came from Brothers Brew in Rockport (If you can find Shalin Liu you’re there). But the real secret is they make a BACON DOUGHNUT!

So after picking up my Rockport Beach and Dump Sticker I swung in at 2PM today to check them out figuring no way would there be a bacon doughnut left from the morning. Because the other thing I was told is that the local contractors swarm the place in the early morning and eat all of the bacon doughnuts.

The place and the staff was nice as always (I’ve been there plenty of times and powered through a lot of tasty brownies, and lemon squares and other stuff but see above, I had given up on doughnuts.)

“One small Sin coffee to go and is there a chance a bacon doughnut is still here?” Yes?

Brothers Brew Bacon Doughnut!

Brothers Brew Bacon Doughnut!

Ran outside locked myself in the car and tried it out. Now that’s what I am talking about. I am moving to Rockport because of this pastry. Oh wait, I already have!

Brothers Brew On Facebook Look, their Facebook photo has bacon doughnuts on the left! Don’t tell me they have been making these for the past five years and no one told me.


  • A bacon donut? hummm That sounds interesting I think on the next day trip I take with the little guy I will have to check it out. My interest is peaked.


  • Dunkin Donuts announced that they are introducing nationwide their new product: “The sandwich, which comes with fried eggs and bacon between a split glazed doughnut, will become a part of the permanent menu starting June 7, which the chain claims is National Donut Day.”


  • I can see a bacon donut – sort of akin to Ann Kennedy’s carmelized bacon with chocolate dipping sauce, but the egg and bacon between a glazed donut just sounds wrong to me.


  • BTW, Brother Brew’s butternut crunch donut was amazing! I haven’t had one of those in 40+ years, and it tasted even better than I remembered them being.


  • Know that Half Baked Cafe in Beverley Farms makes a ” to die for” maple bacon donut. All their donuts are awesome.. Cupcakes too and everything. All made from locally sourced ingredients and made right there.


  • Sorry. I find anything to do with bacon distasteful. (so does my heart – it prefers to keep beating)

    And an egg and bacon sandwich between a glazed donut? Yuck. OMG…I said it.

    Now, those regular donuts look like fabulous REAL donuts. I will go there to check them out. Thanks!


  • I have not tried a bacon delight…but I found the Brothers Brew (and their awesome Mom!) at the Taste of Gloucester. They prepared these small donuts…not munchkin size, bigger, and they were out of this world. The way donuts were meant to be enjoyed!


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