White Pigeon With Band Terrorizing Annisquam

There is a white pigeon with a band on its leg hanging around our little neighborhood.  I first saw it on our patio on May 23rd.  It has been hanging out between our house and a couple of the neighbor’s houses. (Riverview Road, the one way part that goes in a circle, on the Annisquam)

Can’t get close enough to catch him or try to see the band.  I am sure he belongs to someone that does special events or races them.  Thought maybe you could get the word out there about him.  He isn’t wild, so he is not as afraid – worried a coyote, or cat may get him.


Lisa Ann Whistler Smith


  • Hi Joey/Lisa Ann. This is most likely a homing pigeon blown off course. Wonder if it’s the same one seen in Rockport a few weeks ago… Anyone who knows how to handle birds would be able to read the info on the band and contact the owner. Maybe your post will flush them out!


  • Jan’s comment that it might be a homing pigeon and Bingo: “how to handle a homing pigeon”


    It wants some water and some grain and then it will likely take off and go home. The way the wind is blowing straight up from the south this bird might be from Atlanta and and it dive bombed Annisquam when it saw the Gulf of Maine coming up.


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