• It appears that the older photo was taken from an upper floor of the Thorwald Hotel. I have a photo if you’d like to post it.


  • Patricia Poore

    That’s my house! Tanglemoor (its name then and now), built for Daniel Chauncey Brewer, Esq., in 1904. I bought it (a remuddled tear-down that had once belonged to the Thorwald Hotel across the street) in 1992 and restored it with reference to that very postcard. It was a souvenir postcard of Bass Rocks, ca. 1910, and the image was indeed taken from the five-story tower of the hotel. No trees back when it was all moorland!


    • This photo is from an original photograph, from one of your neighbors, that I tried to restore, perhaps the postcard is from the same source.


    • The house on the corner use to belong to Bill and Lucille Scenna as far back as I can remember and was eventually put up for sale after Lucille passed. Bill Scenna help design and build the first refrigeration units for the fisheries in Gloucester. They were a lovely couple and I will miss them. I hate that the house was remodeled, if thats the case, because Bill did all the work himself and I thought the house had character. Especially the area where the bar was.


  • Fun. Fred please post the hotel image.


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