And this is why I’m not a nature guy…

A couple of weeks ago we were walking through Halibut Point Park with another family, the Daniels. Halibut Point is one of the area’s true gems with gorgeous vistas, easy to navigate trails, nice spots to stop and picnic, it’s just fantastic and if you haven’t gone I’d say it’s in the top ten list of things to do when you visit.

While we’re walking through Halibut Point we hear a bullfrog.  Matt Daniels, great guy and the dad in the other family hops onto a rock, spots the bullfrog and snatches the thing up in his hands.  Just like that he had a bullfrog in his hands, showing it to all the kids.

Now the thought of reaching down and grabbing a frog is just not anything I’d ever think of doing.  Grabbing a frog holds about as much appeal to me as handling a steamy turd barehanded.

When I encounter wildlife all that runs through my head is how the creature is going to attack me or peck my eyes out or rip my guts out and leave me there with my entrails hanging out waiting for the buzzards to come and finish me off.

Anyway, this video here confirms all my suspicions about wildlife-

Here is Matt Daniels holding the frog we saw at Halibut Point State Park-


I see you looking at me killer attack frog. I’m watching you watching me!

Stone Cold Assassin.


  • When you called 911 about the devastating frog attack, did the Rockport ambulance or the Gloucester ambulance respond? Did firemen come from Pigeon Cove or from Bay View?


  • This from a guy who picks up thousands of pounds of the ugliest meanest looking things from the ocean. WUSSY!


  • So adorable and I don’t think that when an ornery American Bullfrog bites, it breaks the ski however, I am not an expert on frogs. Would love to know if anyone has ever been bitten by an American Bullfrog.


  • HAHAHA I love it….no, American Bullfrogs don’t bite. I grew up catching those things and I’ve never ever been bitten. Granted, I wasn’t waiving my hand by their faces or stuffing sticks into their mouths like this guy was. I feel like he deserved it a bit….. 😀


  • Sorry, that guy defintely deserved what he got tormenting that poor frog like that. Yesterday while walking on Eastern Point, Ann Kennedy and I encountered a beautiful bullfrog, which she attempted unsucessfully to catch. It didn’t show its teeth or do anything aggressive – it just jumped into the water and swam away. I’ve caught many bullfrogs in my life, and never even had one open its mouth at me, never mind attempt to bite.


  • I think the frog is much smarter than the guy bothering the hell out of him. After all, the frog didn’t come into this guy’s home, try to shove a stick in his mouth, and hold him captive. Justice achieved. Jeeez… can’t people just leave wildlife alone? The entire problem with this planet is people. Animals were fine until we came along…. especially idiots like this guy.


  • When I was a kid my summer camp had a bullfrog jumping contest every year. Several years I won for largest frog and longest jump. I thought I was pretty special, now…not so much.


  • I kid you not, but while I watched that video, a little spider dropped down from the ceiling right in front of my face. I did not scream. But that was miraculous.


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