Local Eagle Scout Zachary Schultz Takes Part In Revitalization Of Veterans Lot In Beechbrook Cemetery- Rededication Ceremony May 11th and You’re Invited

Sarah Schultz writes-

Hi Joey,

     My son Zachary Schultz is a newly awarded Eagle Scout here in Gloucester with BSA Troop 112. For his service project, he and over 40 volunteers revitalized the veterans lot at Beechbrook Cemetery for the Office of Veterans Services and the community of those who they serve. As an extension of Zach’s project, he and the Office of Veterans Services will be rededicating the Veterans Lot. His hopes are for people to see how Boy Scout Troop 112 and many volunteers cared for the lot. We thought you could post something on Good Morning Gloucester to aid this endeavor and we would love for you to join us. The ceremony will be on Saturday, May 11 at 11am at the Beechbrook Cemetery Veterans Lot off of Essex Ave..

  Please find the attached letter sent by Zach to local Gloucester dignitaries and Veterans Post Commanders and their members to apprise them of the upcoming ceremony. This will be a public ceremony and we would like to extend the invitation so the families and friends of veterans who are interred at this site may come to the occasion.

There were many volunteers and Gloucester officials who assisted Zachary to achieve such a job well done for the veterans and the Veteran Services office that serves this community. Zachary’s goal was achieved with the highest standards and has been awarded the Boy Scout Eagle Scout in part due to this project. He would like to publically thank the community and volunteers for all that they did to ease his task with an outstanding result for the community.


My name is Zachary Schultz, the newest Eagle Scout of Gloucester Boy Scout Troop 112. My Eagle Scout service project, a community service project that any Eagle candidate must complete to hone skills in leadership and service, was to restore the Veteran’s lot at Beechbrook Cemetery. Through initial clean up assistance, the DPW was an invaluable help that made my job easier and I hope I did the same for them in return. I organized over 40 volunteers to lift and reset 50+ grave markers, install flag holders for the small flags that fly from Memorial Day to Veterans Day, installed a flag pole light and donated a sign for the entrance of the site. Also for this project I created a revised catalogue of the coordinates to better locate a grave site which Ms. Lucia Amero at the Veterans Services Office will be able to update as necessary. After almost 100 personal hours and a group total of approximately 500 hours, the project was completed to we brought this site to its honorable status.


On Saturday, May 11th at 11:00 a.m. at the Beechbrook Cemetery (off of Essex Ave.) I will be conducting a Rededication Ceremony with the support of the Veterans Service Office. The ceremony is a public ceremony to honor the site by inviting City officials and dignitaries, the Veteran Commanders and post members, the Gloucester community who have family and friends interred there and the volunteers that worked so diligently aiding in this effort. I would like people to see that the efforts were made with respect and honor. I hope you can plan to attend this service.



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