Mass Audubon Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Joey’s posts convinced RD she had to check out her relatives.



The chickadees are a riot. Even a nuthatch came down to talk to the rubber one.


  • Love the post, my grand kids loved it there too and also thanks to Joey’s post.


  • Omg that is soooo cute LOLOLOL’ingggggggg.. love my lil Chickadee dee dee’s too


  • Supposedly this is something the chickadees pass down there at the sanctuary. The parents teach their offspring or genetics in action. The “not shy of human” gene becomes expressed in the population since those breed more because they are hand fed. Hard to test either hypothesis out.

    But the easiest way to train your chickadees in your yard is set up a mannequin with a hand out with a glove filled with sunflower seeds. The chickadees and nuthatches get used to eating out of that gloved hand. Next step is you take the place of the mannequin with the glove on then it is an easy step to going gloveless.

    So if you drive by my house and there is a mannequin borrowed from Bananas in the front yard you know the story.


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