Murder on Rocky Neck: The Opera!

News from Henry Allen and friends:

This is David Wesson, I’m the new Outreach Coordinator for Henry Allen’s Northshore Folklore Theater Company. I’ve been a follower of GMG for some time, and look forward to connecting with you!

As you are likely aware, Henry has partnered with the YMCA as Heny Allen’s Northshore Theatre Company. Instead of our plays being confined to one theater, we are performing them in various hot spots all around town- as a way to truly reach out to the commnunity.

We would love your help in spreading the work about our upcoming show Murder on Rocky Neck: the Opera, as well as getting the word out for our children’s programming and summer camp.

Attached please see the flyer for our upcoming show Murder on Rocky Neck which opens on May 9 at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck:

Murder on Rocky Neck

Attached also, please find a fun synopsis of the play Murder on Rocky Neck with more details. …[T]his is our first production at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, and we want to make sure the community knows about it! (Synopsis follows:)

On a frosty Thursday morning on old Rocky Neck,
The artist Richard Bluewall was found drowned, by heck!
Whilst the children of the town pondered how he had died,
Court was in session with those being tried:
Was it Old Scurvy Crabwater killed poor Richard Bluewall?
Or was it Miss Sylvia DeSylvia who’s love conquered all?
Or perhaps Jesse Pomeroy, a boy of sixteen,
With suspicious demeanor and caught at the scene!
Star witness and actress, Alicia Linguiça,
Insists to the end,
That the murder was committed
By her former best friend!
With Judge Thaddeus Pudge
Presiding the case,
And the audience as jury putting justice in place,
Attorneys Paperwell, Rockwell, Scissorwell and Schute
Do their level best to condemn the brute.

Travel back in time to 1870’s Gloucester, and lose yourself in this witty opera, a courtroom drama with a surprise ending – an original story entirely conceived and written by Henry Allen’s Young Playwrights, ages 9-13. The show features a beautiful original score by Derek Dupuis, age 16, who also composed the music for ‘Song of The Sea’. Murder On Rocky Neck, The Opera is appropriate for all ages!

Tickets: Suggested donation $20- General Audience, $15 – Seniors, Veterans & Students
Limited seating
The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck
6 Wonson Street, Gloucester

Director: Henry Allen
Music Director: John Eldridge
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Timothy Edwards
Set Design: Fionn McWilliam & Mike Ryan
Costume Design: Amy-Beth Healey & Brenda Leahy
Lights & Sound Design: InterMediaUnlimited
Ensemble (alpha): Alex Becket, Scott Brown, Emma Cavaliere, Caroline Connolly, Shannon Connolly, Sadie Cook, Timothy Edwards, Olivia Francis, Genna Healey, Jay Healey, Henry Jacques, Shannon Kelly, Belle Muller, Rodney Perry, Matt Service, Peter Souza, Elizabeth Wagner, Brandon Waterman, and David Wesson.

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