Good Morning Gloucester Podcast April 18,2013 With Guest Bill O’Connor From North Shore Kid

Podcast Host Joey Ciaramitaro and guest Bill O’Connor Taped April 18th, 2013

Click to listen-

Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Bill O'Connor

Topics Include:

North Shore Kid Top Three School Vacation Family To-Do Ideas

Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Over/Under Prediction

Earth Day Plans

Paul Morrison

Getting Flocked

Beach Reclamation

Plum Island Homes

Check Out Bill’s Site- North Shore Kid


  • Joey, if you go to my first comment about the supposed “looters” I asked you to remove the post. I gave you my reasons. You could have deleted the thread and my comment would have been gone. The easiest and fastest way to tell you that I thought you had crossed the line.

    And it turns out they weren’t looters. That mob mentality calling out these people was not cool That posting stuff like that ruining their reputations was not fun. Is that my fault?

    Can I still keep my job as the counterpoint to Joey? I’m thinking of an SNL skit. Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd. Maybe I’m dating myself.


  • You have said in the past not to use FOX News as a news source but you’re gonna go with the Comment section from Barstool sports for your source that they weren’t looters? I love Barstool, but you’re the first one to knock them, but then use their comment section to defend your position. The Comment Section at Barstool is possibly the only thing more ridiculous than the basically moderated comment section at the GDT.

    Listen I don’t mind a difference of opinion. What I’d appreciate is a little courtesy when there is a huge emotional thing to instead of put it in the comments, pick up the phone or write me an email. I hate to censor the stuff and you see I let your comments through but when you consistently try to play the antagonist for the sake of the antagonists sake it’s like the sheep that cried wolf- maybe some of your arguments have merit but when you consistently just take an opposing view for the sake of taking the opposing view I tend to discount what you have to say.

    I just wish you would be a little more judicious when there is a volatile situation. Shoot me an email rather than throw me under the bus publicly.


    • I was not using Fox news to create my point of view. Whether those people were looters or not was not my point. It was the fact you were agreeing with mob rule. You had to know it was controversial. If you are going to post controversial stuff I think you should expect controversial opinion and that not everyone is going to agree with you. Because I was connected to this blog I felt I had the right to criticize what you post right were it counted, with the post. I thought these were healthy debates about sensitive topics. I thought that was what we were doing and did not realize this bugged you as much as it obviously has.

      I’ll never criticize you or your posts again on the blog. Now I have to go back and feed my coywolves some more fresh puppies and kittens.


  • One thing I would like to clarify in the podcast is that when Bill says that our contributors owe me, I should have followed up immediately that they owe me nothing. I am really thankful for all of their contributions to the blog, the community and their friendship.


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