Joey C’s Proposal For Changing School Vacation Week Locally

Kids missing school isn’t a good thing.  It’s not good for the students.  Not good for the teachers who have their performance tied to standardized testing.  Not good for education in general.  I’m fairly certain we can all agree on that.

With all public schools taking the same exact school vacation week off what it has created in the travel industry is a huge demand all at once and if anyone wants to travel during school vacation week prices not only double, but they often times triple or quadruple.

So parents who would like to take their kids away often times take their kids out a week before or a week after a winter vacation and once those kids are in third grade or so they can lose a fundamental building block of their education.   Teachers whose job performance are increasingly tied to state standardized test scores are penalized for children’s absence if they aren’t there to learn and those students bring their average test scores down.

So I ask, why not just move school vacation week forward or back a week so we don’t have to compete with the entire state for flights to Orlando or some other vacation destination at the very same time? 

You would have better attendance because parents wouldn’t pick an off school vacation week to go away.

The people who wouldn’t take their kids out of school on an off school vacation week might be able to afford to take their children away if every public school district in the State didn’t take the same exact week off.

Teachers would benefit from higher attendance rates and presumably higher standardized test scores because the kids would be in class.

I see it as a win all the way around.


  • I think that the main reason for this is that any time schools need to interact with each other (for Athletics and other activities) their schedules need to line up. You would think that different states could have different vacation schedules, I assumed that this already happened to some extent but I don’t really know.


  • When we lived in NH, NH and MA vacations were the opposite weeks.


    • and most of NH is still opposite, mostly just the southern towns take the same as Ma. But, now living in NH, I would hate for you to switch, to the week after. My theory has always been to implements something similar to a job situation, X # of sick days, X # of vacation days. That way the tourism industry is not overburdened at any given time and if you want to take a vacation with the cousins in Idaho, you both take a weeks vacation at the same time.


  • It’s my understanding that NH schools still have their vacations scheduled for the weeks after MA schools . . . What a treat to be able to afford to take your kids away on any week! Very hard work to save up for that, yes, but even with double hard work, many can only stay here at this beautiful Cape Ann . .. .Yea sun!


  • I would worry that the system will quickly be “gamed”, so that every school district has to anticipate…guess…which week will work the best, and this could be a round robin of calendar planning that will make everybody nutso withing a few years. I don’t have a really good answer, except that the most functional approach is to get old and be able to go somewhere off season. Like me, coming to Cape Ann either before or after the main tourist season. This will make planning hell for parents, but I can’t see a good way around it.


  • mary beth pereira

    My 9 year old and I were talking about this tonight! Dump dumb February break, and enjoy the week in June, for cryin’ out loud!


  • Many states do not coordinate weeks off between districts. Most districts only take 1 week….period!


  • In Cherokee County, Ga (NW of Atlanta), our grandchildren have a week off about very six weeks. They start August 1 and end May 22. It works great for vacations during the school year without missing any school.


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