• Well, this really is a show. I would never take my car thru salt water like that or disembark with waves crashing over the pier. Being an occasional car traveler on the MA Steamship Authority’s ferries to the Vineyard, we don’t have conditions like that, but if we did, the ferry would be suspended.


  • Wow, that’s just crazy!


  • I wonder how many pedestrians get run over by cars and trucks in Greece while they are trying to get onto a ferry…


  • Wow! Terrifying and hilarious at the same time. I can appreciate the “don’t give a shit, get er done” attitude.
    Something America has lost. Can you imagine the lawsuits if that was done here?


  • Pretty amazing. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing, including the passengers, and no one got hurt or even fell down running through all that water, waves and chaos, even carrying packages. They must have special cars in Greece that don’t mind salt water, and passengers and dock workers must all wear korkers.


  • An American lawyer’s wet dream. One ripped off ankle or a squished Greek and that ferry system would be out of business if it was carrying people to Martha’s Vineyard. It is nice to know if you send granny to Nantucket she will likely come back with appendages attached but it does look like fun. I thought the Eastern Mediterranean is saltier than the Atlantic? If I owned the moped I think I would be hosing off ASAP after I went to KMart for some new pants.


  • WTF!!


  • good evening, this is in March, as I see, in the middle of winter, so no sweet summertime, no vacation, and the people in the ferry are mostly island people accustomed to this who are travelling for work not for pleasure, for ex. to see a doctor, perhaps from Athens or from Milos back to Kimolos… Kimolos has no airport…(tiny island) rough life, rough people…what…life stops if the sea is angry? (this happens all the time) 🙂 🙂


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