Poll: Does It Make Me A Bad Perspon If I Don’t Wanna Clean Up Someone Else’s Pee On A Public Toilet Seat

Here’s the scenario:

You walk into a public bathroom to relieve myself (number 1) and the one toilet in there has the toilet seat down and someone else’s pee all over it.

I’m just not gonna be the guy who grabs toilet paper and cleans off someone else’s pee.

Would you clean off the toilet seat first?


  • Just wondering. Who told you that you should wipe it off ?


  • Reblogged this on Park City XPress and commented:
    People….please respect others.


  • Boy, tough question. It depends. If the room had a paper towel dispenser that you could get 135 paper towels between you and the foreign pee, maybe. But we all know why we would do this. We wonder, can I exit the bathroom and be assured that I am not blamed for the splatter? Or should I clean it up because I might get blamed? Is there a line of people you know waiting to get in? Can you leave the bathroom loudly stating that someone with more than one pee hole used the bathroom before you?
    In a restaurant do you tell the waiter that someone with bladder problems hosed the bathroom?

    A complex issue.


  • If you were a woman, you wouldn’t have a choice but to clean it if you had to go bad enough.


  • Its polls like this that piss me off


  • What gets me is that there are people in this country who are one (or all) of the following:
    1. Never really toilet trained, or
    2. Totally inconsiderate of others, or
    3. Totally clueless as to why people wouldn’t want to sit in someone’s urine.
    What’s up with that? How is that possible?


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