What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday we were hanging out with my favorite wolf at Wolf Hollow in Essex freezing our asses off.


And today on Lansdowne Street outside Fenway Park I can almost say in the past hour it has gotten downright hot. Hope the Red Sox stay hot like this Italian Sausage Rubber Duck and I are having. Not an Ambie but it is the locale that gives it the zing.


ps. Did anyone catch the moon right before sunrise this morning? The smallest waxing crescent I have seen in a while. If it is crystal clear tomorrow it should be even smaller, (yuck clouds predicted.) New moon on the 10th.


  • Wolfoyte – Not. But also not so different. I can just about smell those hot dogs from the photo. Good opener!


    • Yes, a full blown wolf, but not very much different at all from the wolfotes that roam our woods. This is a mirror image of the roadkill Joey photographed a while back.

      And yes, a kick ass opener. Jackie Bradley Junior replaced by Nava! The manager must have lost his mind. Nava 3 run homer? Never mind.


  • I think I need a Fenway hot dog! So glad we won. Heard great things tonight from Dress Code Laura and boyfriend Matt about the Monday $5 cheese pizza at Poseidon’s. They love it so much that they go there every week. One extra topping for a buck would get me in there.


  • Those are my go to sausage guys for the past 20+ years or so! I’ve opted out of my weekend season ticket package this year and just at this moment regretting it a little.


  • Would it not be a waning crescent, since it is going towards being new?


    • Holy cow you are right Justen, it was a waning crescent. It doesn’t start waxing until after the new moon. As we were driving off island at the crack of dawn on Monday my daughter will verify that I was pontificating on about it being a waning crescent and not waxing but shoot, I may have had it backwards then too. Caffeine just doesn’t wake up the brain cells like it used to.

      Please pick up your Rubber Dick signed Bumper sticker up at the dock (once the boss gets back). You may have to stand in line. I’m shooting about 50% on the scientifically correct scale these days.


  • Joey really must be living it up since he isn’t even reading the comments on his own blog. Like he would pass up commenting on my rubber dick.


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