Name this Light from Al Bezanson

Al writes-

Many a mariner from Gloucester has sailed or steamed close by this lighthouse.  It was built in 1802 and is operational today  — Fl (2) R 12s (W sector) (3).  A few days distant by sail.

Who can name it?



  • old point comfort lighthouse


  • Anonymous – you were quick. I snapped this whilst wandering around Phoebus and Fort Monroe last weekend. The fort is right across Hampton Roads from schooner39’s sometimes winter quarters at Rebel Marine in Willoughby Bay, handy by Naval Station Norfolk. During the War of 1812 the lighthouse was occupied by the British.

    I sort of recollect that back in the day Gloucester vessels working the VA Capes took out in Phoebus on occasion. Can anyone confirm that?


    • I have lived in gloucester my entire life and traveled from maine to new york in my own boat and did not recognize this light house , the construction was different than the light houses in the northeast . I just googled fl (2) R 12s (w sector) (3) . My grandfather told they would fish in the south in the winter VA capes


  • Geez — you mean to say my smartphone will tell me what strange navaid is blinking? That takes all the fun out. Here is some history on the light.:

    There is a google earth chart in the link and I just noticed that schooner39 is clearly visible at Rebel Marine with a zodiac floating under her bowsprit. Also spotted my pickup out on the street.


  • This came to my attention following the original post — famed Gloucester Capt. Marty Welch had a very close call near this light


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