Does Rubber Duck Want to be a Mommy?

I think I figured it out. This has happened dozens of times. I lose track of Rubber Duck for a minute and the next thing I know she is perched onto another  round shiny object.

Rubber Duck and Joey at GMG Mug-Up

Rubber Duck and Joey at GMG Mug-Up

Jamie at Stones Pub was describing how he was not really that sleep deprived even with one week old baby boy Cameron taking up some of his time lately and the next thing you know Rubber Duck has jumped off the bar.


Rubber Duck and Jamie at Stone’s Pub

So. Do you think Rubber Duck wants to be a mommy? I never got around to explaining the birds and the bees to RD and now I don’t know how to break it to her. Should I put out a call to Homie and get a nice seagull egg for Rubber Duck to sit on?


  • I must be the only one that thought rubber duck was a male?

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  • Hilary McKinnon

    Use a rubber or plastic egg, you can open the plastic and put a little duck inside. An accident with a seagull egg that you have grown too fond of or just let sit for too long can cause a terrible clean up should an accident befall it. I brought one in for show and tell in 1964 (Eastern Ave. School) and I liked the janitor, Mr. Cafaso I think but can’t quite recall, but they still had to cancel those last few days and mail us our report cards. Total accident I regret to this day and I can’t be sure if on hot days some odor still lingers. I have finally made my confession but the regret still lingers. Go plastic, be safe. My sincerest apologies to all.

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    • Wow, great story and I will take your advice. So if I go plastic we can plan on a gestation period and a hatching on a certain date. I heard a rumore that our pal Joey who secretly loves rubber ducks has around a 150 small rubber ducks in his office. We could select six or eight of them, stick them in plastic eggs and give Rubber Duck something to do. Maybe have them hatch on Easter Sunday!

      Or maybe April 18th, the two year anniversary of when they first met!

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