By Golly I Believe I’ve Figured Out A Way To Get Heroin Addicts Off The Junk and It’s Called Bacon Marmalade

2013-03-21 13.20.29

As you may know Passports Restaurant is nominated for the best Burger in North Shore Magazine’s BONS Awards.  You can vote for them here

Jeremy at Passports has developed a drug so powerful I’m fairly confident that it can be used to wean addicts off of heroin.   It’s called Bacon Marmalade.

2013-03-21 13.31.54

Bacon Freakin’ Marmalade.

So here’s what you gotta do-

You sit the addict down at a table and you offer them a teeny tiny taste of one of the Bacon Marmalade burgers at Passports.  Then you give them two options-

Option A) Finish off the Bacon Marmalade Burger

Option B) Heroin.

I’m certain that once the addict tries the Bacon Marmalade Burger they’ll opt for the burger a hundred times out of a hundred.


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