Little Mermaid Jr Wraps Up At O’Maley

O’Maley Innovation Middle School Drama Club performed final show of Disney’s Little Mermaid Junior this past weekend

 This year’s cast and crew of over 100 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, performed a total of seven shows, including one morning performance attended by all current Gloucester fifth graders.

 Little Mermaid Saturday Shows 2

O’Maley Innovation Middle School “X” cast, 7th grader Jared Gilman (Prince Eric) and 6th grader Sadie Cook (Ariel) pose at the production’s final curtain call on Saturday night, March 16th.

 Little Mermaid Saturday Shows

Final performance scene for “X” cast, left to right, 6th grader Caroline Muniz (Flounder), Jared Gilman (Prince Eric), Sadie Cook (Ariel), and 7th graders TS Burnham (Ursula), Henry Hardy(Scuttle) and Talia DeWolfe (Sebastian).

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