Civil War Monument at Mount Pleasant Cemetery From Peter Dorsey


While researching the Civil War statue that is next to City Hall c.1879, I discovered that there was an earlier Civil War monument that had been erected by the City. So I went to find it, and check it out, and then photograph it early one evening in advance of an on-coming snowstorm. Its unlikely that many people even know that it is there; as it looks just like another, if larger, granite Greek Revival memorial in the middle of the cemetery, and not otherwise set apart. The granite obelisk was carved and erected in 1867 in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery which had a, “…symmetrically modeled shaft, 20 feet height, and stands in the center of the grounds. It was dedicated on May 27, 1868.” (History of Gloucester, James R. Pringle – 1892).

Like a few of the Civil War statues I have seen in Gloucester, there were lots of beach stone or cobble stones set around the base; perhaps signifying the many who perished.

Peter Dorsey


  • Great posts Peter. You did a lot of research about these monuments, which most Gloucester folks don’t know much about. Thanks Peter, Fred Bodin.


  • The monument is beginning to lean to one side. If there is anyone out there who could offer advise on how to correct this please contact the Mt.Pleasant Cemetery board of Trusties


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