Thursday ♪♫♪ Dave Sag’s Blues Party ♪♫♪ with Orville Giddings and Mark Earley@The Rhumb Line and more.

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New hours – 8-11

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Dave says,

It’s a double whammy this week as I  get to hang out and play not only once, but twice in a row with that  famous jongleur, former rockstar,  Gleem® spokesmodel and all-around Ipswich Idol: Mr. Orville Giddings. I’m talking about Wed. nite at Chianti’s in Beverly AND Thurday nite at the Rhumb Line. Worse, we’re being joined at the hip by my good friend and industrial tenor tooter, Mr. Mark Earley. Even better, we got our  general egg-beater Mr. Steevie Chaggaris to pound the skins. It’s gonna be a blast as we drill down deep into the bedrock and dig out the gems. So, skip your dentures appointment and hurry on down, either Wed. at Chianti’s from 7:30 to 10-30, or Thursday at the Rummie from 8 to 11. Or both. See you there!

Orville Giddings


Mark Earley

mark earley

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