Niles Pond and Braces Cove From Larry Davis

Hi Joey,

You have had a number of posts about the strip of land separating Niles Pond and Braces Cove.  In the late 50s, we could (and did) drive cars over that strip of land from Braces to the road in back of Gonzaga (or Blighty’s Estate as it was known as then).  It was no problem.  There was a dirt road that was easily navigated as long as no one decided to come over from the other side at the same time.  You could also drive down to Braces Cove from the Back Shore where there is just a foot path now.

GMG is a nice connection to what will always be home for us that are lucky enough to spend our retirement winters in Florida.  Keep up the good work.

Larry Davis


  • Thank you for writing Larry. I met a police officer there this afternoon who was talking about all the different species of birds he and his Dad used to see on the pond, including great flocks of mergansers, not just the scattering now and then we see today. He also described sail boats that used to cut the ice, which I would like to learn more about.

    See my post this coming Wednesday for a short little film featuring Niles Pond at sunrise and swans in flight.


  • “You could also drive down to Braces Cove from the Back Shore where there is just a foot path now” That used to be a favorite “parking” spot in the 70’s


  • Yes, originally there was an eastern as well as the present western Eastern Point B’lvd. The eastern branch included that roadway between Niles Pond and Braces Cove. There was a major lawsuit about it which was won by the owners of Blighty against the city and other neighbors on Eastern Point. The city and neighbors claimed access over that road (prescriptive easement) but lost and the road was legally closed to the public. I recently researched this matter because the city was attempting to claim prescriptive easement to Pavilion Beach. They had forgotten that they lost their last such suit.
    When we were teenagers we drove over that road frequently (1950s) but it was a mess suitable only for kids in Henry Js.


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