Winter’s last gasp?

Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, here are some images from our latest storm.

St. Joachim’s in Rockport

Walking in a winter wonderland!

A wooden fish swimming among coral-like snow-covered trees in Rockport

Delicate coral, or sea foam on the beach in b&w? Or just wet snow on a window?

City Hall seen through drops of water in the window screen

Snow clings to the walls of St. Ann School

Snow at St. Ann’s Church

Fr. Matthew Green






  • Fran Ragusa Bouchie

    You must be a busy fellow with so much territory to cover. I was married at St Anns and my children were baptised there, then we moved to Amesbury. Enjoy your entries on GMGlo and my almost visit to St Ann’s on line. I am 72 and I am doing Scola, Broncaleone, Moceri, Parisi, Frontiero genealogy. Where would I find records of Calvary cemetary where all my relatives are buried., The stones don’t tell the whole story and the connection with my past is my history to be shared with my kids to have and remember their heritage and appreciate their beginnings. We are fishermen and a dying breed. So sad but real. fbouchie Keep up the God work!


  • Fran Ragusa Bouchie

    The photos say Home to me and you have a good eye.


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