The Thursday night blues party @ The Rhumb Line is going to be crazy good. 3.7.2013

dave s

Have you noticed that it  stays light out until almost 6 ? Spring is bustin’ out all over! Like a disease!
But seriously, folks, lets’ stop worrying about our muffin tops and do something about it: dance!!
Therefore, allow me to introduce Mr. John Keegan™, erstwhile leader of “Madhouse”, blues cheerleader,stage manager, and all around general mucky muck. He’s gonna grab your earlobes and twist them into submission, make you scream and cry. You’ll lose 10 lbs. in 3 hours or double Fred’s money back!

John Keegan
The band’s hot, too: We have John Hyde, Chick magnet II and jazz snob, on his organ again, Dave Brown, multi-grained gootarist and silicone slide master  lording over his spaghetti pile of guitar cables and our Irish Ace of Pace, Mr. Benny Benson wailing’ on those skins. and me, too, on base. It’s the dance party of the season!


benny benson headshaft photos

dave brown-1

John Hyde, Benny Benson and Dave Brown

Don’t forget our new hours: 8 to 11. This gives you time to recover for the next day!

Also,  the Good Old Salty Jazz Band will be wailing at the rose Baker Senior Center next monday from 1 to 3. It’s free!

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