2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament T Shirts

We’re not getting regular old cotton t shirts. Working with Jungle Silkscreening we’re taking it to the next level and getting dri fit technical t shirts!
There will also be t shirts for sale at the event. Just another way to reward our competitors!


We are less than two weeks away from the most fun event you’ll have with your clothes off!

I hope to see you all there on March 16th to support your favorite Dodgeballers and or charity- Next Step.  An organization that makes life better for young adults afflicted with life threatening diseases.

Big time thanks to Rick Doucette and Camp Spindrift where the event will be held.  Camp Spindrift is available for rent for your corporate or family event!

One comment

  • Hilary McKinnon

    Around 1964 I believe I picked up a brochure at the YMCA advertising Camp Spindrift. It had horses, go carts, docks for canoes and sailboats, a beach, cabins to sleep over in, all the stuff that a ten year old (give or take) dreams of. When I got there on an old school bus there was nothing but a few cabins used as administrative offices and a coke machine, it was a great coke machine though. We cut down some pine boughs to make shelters and once or twice a week were bused down to Wingershiek and some kid might have a pack of cigaretts to pass around. Once or twice they brought out some weights for us to life but basically left alone. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it but if wasn’t quite what I expected. When I asked I was told that these things were being constructed next year. I could never afford to be sent back but was just wondering if it’s finished yet?


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