It’s a False Rumor

pc38_pebble beach abstract2 copy

Willow Rest is not closed!  I was talking with a neighbor in Annisquam a couple of days ago and mentioned that Melissa at Willow Rest is now carrying a large selection of my photo montage cards.  They were surprised because they believed Willow Rest was closed until May because of a sign they had seen on the building.  There is a sign, but it refers to the gas station at Willow Rest, which is closed until May due to lack of business during the winter.  Willow Rest was closed for the week of February 3-10 for vacation, but are open for regular business with their great breakfast and lunch selections, coffee, baked goods and fine grocery and produce items.  So go back to Willow Rest, and while you’re there, check out my photo montage cards, many of which have never yet been seen.

E.J. Lefavour


  • Great post and thanks for the info


  • E.J. This is my favorite photo-composite to date! As a quilter, I love how you put different yet similar textures and images together. Keep up the creativity – it is very inspirational!
    Thank you for sharing 😉
    Dot and Bex


    • Thanks Dot and Bex – incorporating a bunch of these could make into a really amazing Gloucester quilt! I haven’t experimented with printing on fabric for awhile, but made a fabric printed lampshade for someone years ago that was pretty cool, incorporating images from their life.


  • Thanks for the clarification!! Love the Willow Rest! Great food and lots of interesting arts, crafts, quality foods–


    • Melissa is a wonderful woman and has created a great little oasis with Willow Rest. I hope people stop in, as business has been off and I think the gas station sign hasn’t helped things.


  • I love this photo montage. Very creative and great colors!


    • Thanks Kathy. What I love about doing these is the fact that they incorporate photos (which I have hundreds of and am thrilled to have finally found a creative use for), but allows me to do whatever I want with the colors and textures to make a unique unified art piece without caring about the reality of the thing, while still keeping it familiar. I do love color – it makes me happy.


  • I love this! The rusty colors and the sharp photo goes together great.


  • …recognized your work, immediately upon viewing, before confirming it. …one of your many styles. I love watching you grow as an artist.


    • Thanks Leslie. I had an artist friend I’ve known for about ten years say recently that while I am constantly reinventing myself as an artist, there is always something familiar about my work, no matter how different the subject, style or medium, and you just confirmed that. I guess since our essence doesn’t change and that is where our creativity springs from, it makes sense that what we create would always be familiar to others as being ours. I had a woman contact me last summer who had bought a number of my paintings back in the early 90’s when I lived in Newburyport. She had came across my website and recognized it as my work, even though I was doing totally different work under a different name than when she knew me. I found that very surprising and interesting. We think of ourselves as growing, evolving, changing, when in fact our being is always the same, always has been and always will be for eternity.


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