We Lost a Friend Of The Blog Last Night- Tim Blakeley

Tim Blakeley has passed.

Tim and his wife Eileen had been a friend of the blog from the very beginning.  He always offered his technical assistance and was way more responsible for making the Gloucester Webcam project happen than I was, being the man on the street doing the installs for next to nothing.  He went around to the businesses and community organizations and charged a tenth of what it should have cost to get the things going for them.  He did this because he loved the idea and wanted to give back.

We had this geeky techie connection in which we could talk about these ideas for hours.  Tim owned Gloucester Bytes a computer repair company and was a member of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

It was the cancer that got him.  Triple header of brain, liver and lung cancer.  Too young.  Way too young.  I’m not sure exactly how old Tim was but it has to be in his 50s.

and here’s the thing-

You know how bad it sucks that we lose someone in their 60s, 50s or 40s?  It sucks terribly.

But Tim was loved.  Every time I saw Tim and Eileen together she was beaming wildly and smiling in adoration of Tim.  They were in love.  and no matter how bad it sucks to lose someone in their 50s like Tim it’s better to pass in your 50s loved than die in your 70s unloved.

Tim had that love from his Eileen.  So he died a rich man.  Rich in love.

My condolences to Tim’s family.  I’ll miss your dry humor that would crack me up every time buddy.

Tim Blakeley on GMG-

Tim Blakeley Gloucester Bytes To The Rescue Once Again

Posted on April 16, 2012 by Joey C

Tim Blakeley Represents! In The Bahamas

Posted on November 21, 2010 by Joey C

Hi Joey,

Representing GMG  @ Atlantis Resort Paradise Island Bahamas.

Tim- Gloucester Bytes Computer


Tim Blakeley Posts on GMG


  • Joey I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, for Eileen, and for his family. I met Tim several times down at the dock and it was great to see you two geeks connecting over techie blog stuff. Sending my deepest sympathy and prayers to Eileen, Joey, and all of Tim’s friends and family members in your time of loss.


  • So sorry for his family and friends, Rest in Peace


  • Joey,

    I have known Tim and Eileen for more years that any of us would care to admit. I am saddened to hear of his passing, but take comfort in all the laughs and smiles we all shared through the years. I hope Eileen, and all who knew and loved Tim, can carry the same fond memories and hold them in their hearts to get them through this trying time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


  • Joey – that is sad news, and a loss for us all. Thanks for the update, and keeping us all in the loop. Tim was a smart and generous guy. Our webcam and I will miss him for sure – eyes on the harbor.


  • I did not know Tim, but I’ve followed his coverage here, especially the Gloucester Webcam project that I take advantage of daily, and I am very sorry to hear of his passing. My deepest sympathy to all of his family and friends, this is a big loss for Gloucester.


  • We lost a good one. Sorry Captn, he was a great guy. Rest in peace Tim.


  • Sending my deepest sympathy to Eileen, and to all who were touch by Tim and his kind heartness… May he rest in peace ❤


  • I’m so sorry to hear about this. god bless him and his family.


  • Tim will be missed by all of his friends at Sons Of Erin in Westfield. Eileen our thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Jayne & SOE friends


  • Nice tribute, Joey. I didn’t know him, and for that I’m sorry. He’s the kind of guy all of us would be richer for having in our lives.


  • Tim Blakeley is my brother. I can not thank you all enough for such kind words. Tim would be very impressed with your tribute to him Joey. He thought the world of you and all the great work you do for Gloucester. I will love and miss him forever.
    Shannon Blakeley


  • Tim put our camera in and set us up on the GMG site, he was awesome. We had no idea he was ill, this is such a shock. Thank you Joey for keeping us all in the loop and for your “only you” tribute to Tim. He would love it, we do too. Kris Bengston & Tom Okeefe


  • Tim and I spent 5 years together in the Navy, worked together and we were the best two computer guys they ever saw. He always had my back and I always had his. We were never apart and man could I tell some stories about our adventures. We had the time of our lives.


  • Tim came to work on my computer several times and I was fond of him. His beloved dog came too and, still a puppy, rummaged around investigating everything. Tim kept apologizing and I had to keep telling him not to worry. Tim seemed such a kind and good, and funny, man and I’m saddened by this news. My thoughts are with his family now.


  • To those who did not know Tim, I hope you are fortunate enough to recognize him in those around you. I did not know Tim well, but good enough to feel comfortable right from the start. Rest in peace.


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