P&V’s LOL #14: Don’t curse across generations

All the fuss last week on GMG over offensive language and the controversy surrounding the language in Django Unchained, makes it perfect timing for this new Law of Life (LOL for short).  For some reason, that I’m not sure I understand, cursing seems to be taken as more offensive by people outside your generation.  Here’s an illustration.

Many years ago, when our eldest son was about 5, he told us that the two-year-old sister of one of his friends knew his name, his friend’s name and all the swears.

“Really?” remarks Vickie.  “What are all the swears?”  It’s an early Summer morning and she hasn’t had much coffee.
“Oh, I can’t say them.”
“I’ll give your grace.”
“Yup.  You can say them.”
“OK … fuck and shit.”
“That’s not all the swears.”  These words escape before Vickie’s coffee deprived brain can retrieve them.
“Well, what are all the swears?”  The little one’s eyes widen.
“Oh, I can’t say them.”
“I’ll give you grace!”

This is where I step in and explain that you just can’t swear across generations.  Parents swear with their friends and nobody seems to care.  Kids do the same.  But kids can’t swear   when parents are within earshot — and parents can’t swear when kids are within earshot.  Probably the worst thing you can do, I explain, is cross TWO generations and swear when your grandparents are within earshot.

Here’s a funny music video tribute to one of my favorite Sci-fi writers by a slightly bookish, but sexy comedian who isn’t afraid of swearing across many generations.  WARNING: Don’t show this to your kids or your mother-in-law!


  • Just A Van Ness Fan

    Where do you find this stuff. I couldn’t get through yesterday’s post, just couldn’t stay still long enough to watch the videos. I knew that the point you were trying to make was sometimes with a learning disability creativity does not get a chance to bloom. EJ seemed like the only comment that got it. Well my creativity and attention span likes the dirty mouthed video. I bet the commentators yesterday won’t. It’s nice to see you can attract all people with one post or another.. Keep up the good work and trust me I’m not offended.


    • Glad you got the point from yesterday — especially about ADHD. To answer your question, I ran across this video when Ray Bradbury died last June and I was looking for videos of him. This video is in the top 5 results on YouTube.


  • A very catchy tune with lyrics you can’t help but sing along with. And I love Ray Bradbury.


    • Funny you should say that. I’ve still got the tune and the lyrics in my head. Time to see if I can find one of my collections of his short stories. Somehow today reminded my of his story All In A Summer’s Day.


  • Thanks. Loved this one. Joey, it’s your blog. I love that you own it too. Keep reminding people too. Say what you want here. Do what you want here. When I don’t like reading it anymore, I guess I’ll have to start my own blog. No one will read it, but I’ll have no one to blame but me. Love Ray Bradbury. LOL



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